Haydock High School

St Helens
Clipsley Lane
WA11 0JG


Who are we

Haydock High School is committed to developing the maximum potential of every student working towards his/her PERSONAL BEST to prepare him/her to become socially responsible members of our community. Within a safe and orderly environment and with the guidance of a caring, well-qualified staff, we will demonstrate the importance of learning, achievement, teamwork and mutual respect.

Cultural Education Challenge Commitment

Our school is taking on the Cultural Education Challenge. This means that our learning journey takes us to places where we can create, compose, perform, visit, experience, participate, know, understand and review great art and culture. Along the way, we meet inspiring artists and cultural experts that help us explore our own and others’ inventiveness. Together we inspire each other to be creative, courageous and curious.

Cultural Education Challenge Stickers

SLiCE School Partner
SLiCE School Partner