Vintage Playroom CIC

151 Great Howard street


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Who we are

Vintage Playroom CIC is a creative organisation which promotes the good, old-fashioned children's entertainment without mobile devices. We have been delivering children's workshops and family events in London for the last 4 years before setting up a new CIC in Liverpool in 2020. I have a background in events management and marketing, while 2 our class leaders Rosa and Laura are graduates from LMA, LIPA and Hope University. We collect and preserve children's vintage toys, games and books.

What we do

We deliver performing arts workshops with musical theatre and drama classes. We host arts and crafts workshops and specialise in Origami and pop up books workshops, musical storytelling, light and shadow theatre. Our kids club 'Let's make toys' explores some old-fashioned and optical toys : Kaleidoscope, Three-way picture, Flip-Book, Zoetrope etc. We deliver school visits with Show and Tell with our vintage toys and games collection. We host birthday parties, half term and summer camps.