Jennyanne Arts

4 Carrmel Court
Oldham Road


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Who we are

Jennyanne is a mixed media fine artist, her work is based around her interests in the human condition, shared experience, spirituality, memories and storytelling. Her practice has included a range of techniques and processes including body casting, bronze and batik, poetry, performance and photographic tapestry. She has exhibited her work internationally, engaged over 5000 people in one night with an interactive video installation, had her stories, poetry and digital images published and has also got work held in private collections within the UK. After gaining her BA (hons) Contemporary Art Practice International - Class 1 from the University of Leeds she went on to complete a PCET PGCE (with QTLS) at the University of Huddersfield and has recently completed her MA (by Research) at MIRIAD (Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design), Manchester Metropolitan University. Alongside her own practice Jennyanne is also an artist educator. She has facilitated learning through art in a variety of settings including schools: SEN, primary and secondary, colleges, community groups, sheltered housing schemes, an international conference for social change and a university or two. Jennyanne enjoys working with everyone - because she loves nothing more than sharing her skills and enthusing others while also learning something new about life from every single person she meets.