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Who we are

In Movement are Cumbrian based Creative Dance Artists & Embodied Facilitation Trainers specialising in empowering, person centred, engaging, fun and often transformative dance practice. We are trauma informed, use compassionate communication and are always positive and responsive in our facilitation practice. We use the Laban-Bartenieff Movement System to underpin our work, which means we support participants to fully explore their whole body movement in a supportive, safe and creative ways.

What we do

* Creative Dance Workshops 1/2-day workshops that explore how our bodies move . These workshops could incorporate your current classroom topic. *Intensive Dance Performance Projects A great way to get year groups working together. *Teacher Inset Training in creative dance. *Dance for Wellbeing Workshops for staff and students Learn how movement can support you in feeling more well *Embodied Facilitation Training for Teachers & School Leaders How can the body support your co