Amazing Cartoon Academy

Amazing Cartoon Academy ,studio 15, Bluecoat Chambers, School Lane
L1 3BX


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Who we are

I've been a cartoonist for 30 years, working from my Bluecoat studio in Liverpool.I've drawn comic strips, packaging for toys and sweets, and I've written and illustrated children's picture books.I've also created the artwork for animations and designed characters.I've worked on My Little Pony Comic, designed Happy Meals for McDonalds, designed clothing for Nike and illustrated many educational books for Oxford University press.I created all the artwork for a BBC website that won a BAFTA.

What we do

I deliver unique and inspiring cartoon drawing sessions for children.I slowly take a class, using a step by step approach, through a simple cartoon composition and highlight a few handy techniques I use to make any drawing come alive.We cover sound effects to make the picture POP!, wizz lines to add movement, and basic 3D drawing and shading.The final artworks can be coloured and used to brighten up the classroom! The sessions engage and motivate and produce immediate confidence-boosting results