SEND Training for Cultural Practitioners

Curious Minds is developing opportunities for creative practitioners and cultural educators to deepen their understanding of Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND), with the aim of nurturing a cultural education workforce with the confidence and knowledge to deliver quality arts and cultural experiences for children and young people with SEND.


We have commissioned The Seashell Trust to create 3 introductory training videos. These videos can be accessed at a time that is convenient to you and will be followed by several live Zoom Q & A sessions, where you can ask to follow up questions to the specialist staff from the Seashell Trust.

Trainer Biographies

Joe Booker (Autism Practitioner) has a background in teaching and has worked with autistic people for the last 15 years. He has a MEd in autism and works both as a consultant/trainer and hands-on practitioner. He also has a degree in Fine Art. 

Claire Harrison (MSI Practitioner) has a background in teaching and has worked with Children and Young People with Multi-Sensory Impairments for 20 years. She has a PGDip in Multi-Sensory Impairment and works both as a consultant/trainer and hands-on practitioner. 

Lauren Mullarkey originally studied visual arts, specialising in textile installation. She has a background teaching art in a mainstream primary school before going on to study an MA in Creative Education and a SEND teacher training. She also has a background in delivering gallery workshops in arts and health settings and for the last seven years, has worked directly with the students at RSM as their art teacher. 

Video 1: Understanding Autism

A 1-hour recorded seminar on Understanding Autism, produced by Seashell Trust for Curious Minds. This seminar aims to give a better awareness and understanding of the 'autistic experience', as well as offering some tips and techniques on how to engage with autistic children and young adults. Video Passcode: kkz2=neu

Video 2: Multi Sensory Impairment Awareness

A 1 hour and 20 minute recorded seminar on Multi Sensory Impairment (MSI), produced by Seashell Trust for Curious Minds. This session offers an overview of multi sensory impairments, explains what is meant by MSI/deaf blindness and explores the impact of sensory loss; investigating the importance of communication and touch. It also offers some strategies on making art more accessible to sensory learners. Video Passcode: Seashell1!

Video 3: Practical Ideas for Inclusive Arts

A 1 hour and 10 minute recorded session on practical ideas for inclusive arts, produced by Seashell Trust for Curious Minds. This session is recommended viewing AFTER you have watched the first two Seashell Trust videos on Understanding Autism and Multi Sensory Impairments. The aims of this session are to provide a basic understanding of the equality and inclusivity, as well as offering practical tips on how to run inclusive art projects. Video Passcode: gHy^7K91

Live Q&A Session with our SEND Trainers

The learning you will take from the training videos on this page will form the basis of a live Q&A session, hosted by Curious Minds and with our guest trainers, Joe Booker & Lauren Mullarky. During this live session you will have the opportunity to reflect on the training videos and address questions directly to our specialist trainers. Register at the link below to attend.