Hallé Concerts Society

Hallé Concerts Society
The Bridgewater Hall
M1 5HA
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Available to all schools in the region - Hallé for Youth - an annual series of four spring schools' concerts for children and young people - keystages 2 and 3 at The Bridgewater Hall. Themed school concerts which last around 70 minutes. Whilst the theme changes year to year, the broad education content does not. Two key focuses are the instruments of the orchestra and the elements of music: pitch, rhythm, dynamics, timbre, musical form etc. The programme consists of a number of popular classical symphonic pieces and film scores which is presented in an engaging and entertaining way by Tom Redmond who is the Hallé's Second Horn player. Adopt-a-Player - A strategic creative music programme which runs across the AGMA region. Schools are chosen through the music hub and classes attend regular Hallé concerts at The Bridgewater Hall with Hallé musicians visiting the schools to aid the children in creating their version of the music which they have heard. The project culminates with a performance to parents and other interested parties. Come and Play with the Hallé - designed for the Whole Class Ensemble Teaching programme, Come and Play runs through Music hubs giving individual regions the opportunity for 'their children' to Come and Play with the Hallé. Hallé Education provides all the resources which the music service teachers then take out to schools. A variety of other school projects, all with a cross-curricular focus. Please see Hallé website for further details.